Fortran compilers Several of our programs are written in the Fortran programming language (specifically, Fortran 77). We all our development using Fortner Software's Fortran compiler, née Language Systems Fortran and now defunct. If you would like to compile our programs yourself, here are some solutions:
Platform Compiler Cost Notes
DOS BC Fortran Free Fortran 77 Compiler for MS DOS (SIMTEL)
MacOS 7-8-9
Absoft Fortran USD 899 We could not find a free compiler for MacOS 7-9
GNU Fortran (g77) Free We have started using this compiler for our own programs, and the results are very satisfying.
We recommend the use of fink to install it (as well as any Unix software for MacOS X).
Unix GNU Fortran (g77) Free Most Unix implementations already have a Fortran compiler installed, called f77 or g77
Win32 GNU Fortran (g77) for Win32 Free This is the compiler we use to generate 32-bit DOS executables, and we have a fairly good deal of experience with it.
FTN77pe Free Fortran 77 Compiler from Salford Software (free for non-commercial use only)
We recommend that you try to compile the DOS source code, as it is the most portable; the MacOS source code has a few oddities to accomodate Mac-like file selection, for instance. Note that we cannot offer technical support for any of those compilers. Our experiences with f77/g77 on Unix, g77 on Win32 and LSF on MacOS has shown each compiler to be fussy in its own way. Please, try to find help locally before e-mailing us.

Last updated on Tuesday, February 14, 2006 by Philippe Casgrain
Created on Wednesday, February 23, 2000